BioCer (bioactive biodegradable implants). 3D printed implants

Regenerative medicine is a broad field that aims to restore, rather than replace, the function of damaged and degraded organs and tissues.  This exciting field has shown great potential to date and is becoming increasingly important due to an aging population.

Our solution

We propose and have been developing biodegradable and biocompatible implants which can stimulate bone growth. We design the material in such a way that biodegradation time can be controlled.  Depending on age of the patient of a physiological condition, when the bones are growing at different rates the biodegradable implants are dissolving away according to the bone growth rate. This patented and innovative technology already is proven on clinical tests.


To facilitate bone growth and integration with the implants, we cover them with a synthetic bone (hydroxyapatite and/or tricalcium phosphate). The choice of the material depends on the age and anatomy of the customer.

Coating with drug

Recently, our team developed a technology to cover the implants with anti-biotic and anti-cancerous drugs.  This technology enables to control the drug delivery in the body for the design period of time and achieve its desired therapeutic effect with minimum side effects.

Coating with ceramic

To control surface properties, we use different kinds of treatments or coatings and considerably improve the surface of the implant. Coatings are mainly used to minimize friction, wear, and corrosion, to improve the tribologic performance and longevity.

TCP/Si bioactive, biodegradable implants after 3 and 21 days in SBF. The bone cells grow with implant 

Development of bio compatible, biodegradable implants.


Optimization of the 3D printing process

Why 3D printed BioCer ?
  • 3D printing of bioimplants is faster
  • Controlable Bioactivity and biodegradability
  • Coated with drugs to enhance the rehabilitation
The BioCer implants are tested on animals (rats, rabbits, sheep) and showed excellent results.