Rapid prototyping

3D modeling
Prototyping by 1) 3D printing 2) CNC milling

CNC milled external implants

3.5mm Curved Reconstruction Plat

(14 holes)

2.4 Locking Dorsal Distal Radius Straight Plate

4.5mm Semi Tubular Plate

(5 holes)

4.5mm Narrow Limited Contact Dynamic Compression Plate

(7 holes)

3.5mm Locking Straight Reconstruction

(14 holes)

3.5mm Locking Low Profile Straight Reconstruction Plate Specification

(14 holes)

4.5mm Straight Reconstruction Plate

(4 holes)

4.5mm Locking T Buttress Plate

(5 holes)

4.5mm Locking T-Plate

(5 holes)

4.5mm Sherman Reconstruction Plate

(4 holes)

Cancellous Screw

4.5mm 3.5mm Semi Tubular Plate

(7 holes)

3.5mm Locking Pilon Plate

(9 holes)

4.5mm Fibular Distal Tibia Plate

*14 holes)

4.5mm Locking Condylar Buttress Plate

(11 holes)

Single Self Clamp

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